17 years in the industry
and growing all the time



With our office in STP and our Warehouse on Can Valero we are well placed to help you with your needs.

Our team is growing and we look forward to seeing how we can help you with your project or problem whatever size it is.

In the last 5 years these are some yachts we have worked aboard

SY Lethantia
SC Cartouche
SY Ningaloo (formerly Lady B)
MY Astralium
SC Slim
MY BlueBird
SY Foftein II
SY Nilaya
SY Blue Papillion
SY Conquestador
SY Luskentyre
SY SilverSpray
MY Sia
SY Foftein
SY Antares
SY Laluna
SY Nephele
SY StayCalm
SY Imagine B
SY Bristolian

SY Tenaz
SY Julie Marie
MY Lazziza
MY Caliope
MY Gerosa
MY High Power III
MY Rob Roy
MY Komokwa (formerly MY Rob Roy)
MY Lady Duvera
MY Non Plus Ultra
MY Samar
MY Sea Walker
SY Adele
MY Tilac
MY Zulu
MY Corinthian
MY Emelina
SY Alize

SY Ana Christina
SY Anakena
SY Axia
SY Black Molly II
SY Blue Diamond
SY Edis II
SY Erica
SY Eysydos
SY Gaia
SY Hyperion
SY Inmocean
SY Moi Noi Jodine
SY Ivanka
SY Grand Bleu
SY Solitaire
SY MerryMaid
SY Red Dragon
SY Sarafin
SY Sea Eagle

SY Tilly Mint
SY Visione
SY Valquest
SY Marriete
MY Integrity
SY Freya
MY Fairlady
SY Maria Cattiva
SY Alexia
SY Georgiana
SY Ludynosa
SY Ganesha (name changed to Mia Cara)
SY Alcanara
MY Lady Anastasia
SY Alexa of London
SY Runawaybunny
MY Al Faisal
SY Kavenga
SY Mystere

Actively serving over


Super Yachts

Worldwide Support

No matter where you are located, our team is ready to support you.

All our work is catalogued and recorded

and can be supplied on project completion