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M.Y. Fair Lady – 37m

Deep-Data installed new computers and upgraded our network over the winter in one of our biggest refits for some time. One of the tasks was the engine and alarm monitoring systems.
Our 10 year old PC was replaced by one of Deep-Data´s chosen new computers. The small size form factor and quietness was a joy to behold. All the functionality of the old system was kept too. 
I would recommend deep-data to any vessel for computer and network installations.

Capt Dave Richardson

S.Y. Southwind – 40m

Deep-Data installed a three zone music system that the owner and guests took an immediate liking to. The owner could browse and play his music stored on his iPod classic from anywhere on the boat. This was a great job for the price. Well done!

Captian Kamil Tanski

M.Y. Rob Roy – 41m

We used Ingo’s skills many times during troubleshooting, commissioning and upgrading of the entire network onboard . During his time on board, we installed a new network switch, hub and 3g router, re wired many network cables, and fitted Apple TV’s throughout.
I also had the ships media server and navigation pc’s repaired and upgraded by Ingo during this time.
His knowledge was essential to the successful completion of these works, whilst his cheerful and committed manner made him a pleasure to work alongside.

Captain Cameron Springthorpe

S.Y. Maria Cattiva – 40m

Deep-Data has been our IT specialist on the Island for many years and has always provided excellent problem solving, breakdown repairs and general maintenance of our PC’s and network.
One recent upgrade was the installation of a hardware network routing solution achieved by installing one their CradlePoint products. It is a very flexible tool, which amongst other things is very useful for monitoring and controlling the internet data used on 4G. We can now see on a daily basis our individual and total usage onboard, allowing us to easily stay within our monthly contracted limits.
Ingo´s knowledge and experience is extensive and I can recommend him for all areas of IT.

Chief Engineer Stuart Hall

S.Y. Solitaire – 32m

Deep-Data took our network and audio visual systems and transformed it into an easy to use and reliable entertainment system. Now we can browse the media onboard, search by genre or actor and push the content to any zone in the boat. The system just works!
I would recommend Deep-Data to any boat who was thinking of upgrading or wished to have a complete new system.

Captain Adonis Vlachopoulos

S.Y. Alexa of London – 37m

Deep-Data installed and continue to support the AV and IT systems onboard. The outdoor speakers on deck perform well and the owners and guests are very happy with the performance.
Support and service from Deep-Data is just a phone call away and any problems are solved online or by a quick visit to the yacht.
I would recommend Deep-Data to anyone either on yachts or at home as we have received great service.

Captain Richard Collingridge